Toy Party

NJoy Pure Wand

Hey, it’s Zen.

Some of the women were talking the other day in the teacher’s lounge at school. One was telling about this party she went to with her sister. I came in late and couldn’t hear much of what she said but the others seemed really interested. I finally got to ask Louisa, a native Mainer, about it later and she said it was a “tow-ee party” for progressive women and gave me the card of the lady who organized it. I was intrigued because I’ve always been forward-thinking and interested in politics.

I called the number on the card and spoke to Zora, a really sweet lady who seemed to understand my desire for change and enjoying better times. She said that the best way to get involved was to host the party myself, that seeing my friend’s reactions and hearing their comments would help me understand both them and myself more, and that being in the company of other women on the path of discovery would be enlightening. I was all ready to go except for one problem: my little apartment on the east side of Austin won’t hold more than three people without requiring awkward physical contact, so Zora said she would have it at her house if I’d arrange to get several friends to come with me. I readily agreed and couldn’t wait to get involved in local activism.

Father always said that to serve the community is to do God’s work, and now it was my time to share some of what I learned in Moralton. He would be so proud of me! And so I set to work devising a list of people to invite. I mentioned it to a few of the other teachers but none of them seemed interested, as if they had never voted before. One even asked if I really knew what kind of party it would be and I said yes, it was a ladies social. Silly goose.

Seeing that the teachers didn’t want to get involved, I thought of my neighbors next. There’s Cindy but I would be so embarassed if I invited her and she turned out to really be a he, so strike that one. There’s Jeanine but she never comes out of her apartment. April, the single mother of six, is always busy. Carmen, Sandy, Bev – all elderly. Pete is a guy. My mom and her sis live too far away, in Statesota. This is hard. Then I remembered the girls from the bar and our girl’s night out – they would be perfect!

I called Brenda and told her what was going on, and she said she would get the others together plus a few more she knew. This was great! I gave her the time and place and told her to bring some alcohol to help everyone speak their mind. We were going to change some things, by golly!

Zora’s house off Mopac is stunning. Set back from the street and shrouded by huge trees, it feels like an estate in the middle of town. Squirrels scampered around the yard as the participants assembled on the patio, waiting for everyone to arrive. We eventually made our way into the great room of the stately home, a hall lined with antiques and a massive dining table in the middle. On the table were place settings, finger foods, and a little box for each lady. A smaller table held several larger boxes and an Easter basket with some kind of shiny eggs.

Everyone introduced themselves after getting their drink of choice. Zora stood and thanked everyone for being there, then told the filthiest joke I’ve ever heard. The girls all howled. I turned red as a beet. I didn’t even get it, something about losing car keys in a woman’s cooch. Zora looked right at me, “I’m sorry, Miss Appleby. Have another drink.” I gulped my wine and poured another as she continued about how women have come a long way since the suffragists and how we are more in control of our lives and bodies than ever before. Already feeling the chardonnay, I shouted, “Hear, hear!” The others babbled their agreement.

“That was a pretty ex-pan-sive joke, so we’re going to start things out in a b-i-g way,” Zora intoned with an exaggerated Texas drawl. She reached into the biggest box and pulled out a huge red rubber thing the size of a man’s arm. “Ooo, let me see that!” chimed quiet Carol. The other women roared as she carressed and kissed it. “We know something about you now, don’t we Carol!” Brenda can be so funny, though I wasn’t sure what she meant.

Then Zora produced “something for the rest of us,” a fake rubber penis! I mean, it was the right size and shape and even the right color! At least I think it was, from what I’ve seen. She talked about the material, how soft it is, and how to clean it. Then she passed it around and brought out another one, and another, and then a funny, long curved thing made of stainless steel with a bulge on either end. I really couldn’t tell what any of this had to do with politics but everyone was having fun handling the items and I was enjoying the wine and their energy.

After a few more minutes, Jane, the tall blonde airline stewardess seated next to me, said to come with her to the bathroom. We found one at the end of a hall, a large room with a Jacuzzi tub and a massage table with an array of oils nearby. “I’ll go first. Find me a wash cloth while I’m in there,” she said as she ducked into the stained glass stall. I laid it out along with a hand towel, then took my turn. When I came out she was naked on the massage table and was holding the stainless steel boomerang thing.

“I can’t wait to try this. Here, you hold it.” Jane took a bottle of oil and squirted some on her vulva, rubbing it around to wet the entire area. I was glad I had gotten another glass of wine before we left the table and downed it in one motion. I wasn’t sure if Jane was drunk or just being wild. “What do you want me to do with it?” “Give me the big end,” she moaned as she tugged my hand toward her and slipped the thing inside her. Her hand guided mine in a slow, rhythmic motion. I somehow knew to continue after she let go. Jane began to squirm and sigh. At that moment I got it: This was a “toy” party, not the TEA party!

I froze in mid-stroke. Jane looked up and pulled me toward her, kissing me like a man. I had never had a girl’s tongue in my mouth before but it was nice, and she was delicious. Father’s face popped into my mind’s eye and I pulled back, his voice booming. Still with the silver toy inside her, Jane got off the table, undressed me, and helped me lie down. She got the oil and rubbed some on me like she had done to herself, then got on the table over me and leaned down for some more kissing. I wanted to run out screaming but couldn’t move a muscle. And her mouth was so warm and sweet.

I felt something between my legs, then some pressure, then something sliding into me. Oh my goodness! She had put the little end of the toy inside me! And she still had the big end inside her! Jane began to move up and back, slowly at first then faster, all the while kissing me and fondling my breasts. Before long, her movements were becoming more frenzied and it was beginning to hurt a little. She stopped, sat up, and manuevered herself so that the toy went as far inside both of us as it could go. Then she began rubbing both our vulvas at the same time, slowly moving the silver toy up and back with her body.

I was still frozen in place and looking up into her eyes as the first wave came crashing in. Jane began screaming just as I felt my teeth and fists and eyes clench from the growing discomfort inside me. As the sensation increased I got the urge to both push and contract at the same time and that’s exactly what happened, but I couldn’t control it. I realized that the same thing was happening to Jane. We were having simultaneous orgasms!

Just like last time (my first time), I couldn’t move for several minutes. Jane collapsed on top of me, purring and licking my neck. The toy had popped out of me at some point but I could tell it was still in her. My insides felt like they were on fire. I had forgotten all about the party and the other women there, and really wasn’t even sure where I was. Jane finally got up and helped me to my feet, kissed me deeply, then she leaned me over the table and entered me with the toy from behind. She began slowly again, moving faster and deeper as the tension built up anew. I could feel the pulsing in my vagina strengthen dramatically when she slid her finger into my ass. My mind screamed that I should run away but for some unknown reason I pushed back towards her to get the finger deeper, which quickly led to an even bigger orgasm. Still bent over, I was breathless and shaky and more than a little dizzy as she licked me clean. Jane suggested we get back before anyone noticed us missing. We cleaned up, got dressed, and kissed again. I stared at her behind as we walked, thinking about how she tasted and wondered if she tasted the same everywhere.

I don’t know how long we were gone but no one seemed to notice our return. And I don’t know how much longer I stayed before slipping the wine bottle into my purse and making a polite exit. Everyone called out their goodbyes except Jane, who peered up at me and teased her lip with her teeth. I felt like I should have kissed her or left my number or something. And I still don’t know what the rest of the party was like since we missed most of it.

With just me and the purloined wine in my apartment, listening to School of Seven Bells, I reflected on what had happened this night. I’m pretty sure I had sex this time, though I’m not sure exactly how to categorize it.┬áBut I’m still a virgin because it wasn’t really sex because it wasn’t an actual penis, right? I mean, it felt like a penis (I think) and Jane fucked me (I think) but she’s a girl and we didn’t do anything lesbian, I don’t think.

Did we?


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