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Hey, it’s Zen!

I’m finally getting around to posting about the S&M party. I turned the story in to Sandra at the underground mag and she loved it. But I’m not going to post it here; instead, I’ll tell you how it went.

So Pete showed up at my place about 6:00 that evening; he had already picked up Paige on the way. His truck is huge and luxurious and Paige and I sat in the back so we could girl-talk. He had set up a mini-bar to help us get relaxed on the way. Pete doesn’t drink and drive, mind you – it was just for Paige and me. He kept repeating that I would likely be the only virgin there and thought that was really funny.

After riding for what seemed like a long time I finally asked where we were going. Pete said, “Houston.” After several drinks and many more miles we arrived at a nice house somewhere in the burbs. It seemed a little small for the number of people expected to attend. It turned out to be the home of the local S&M club president, Bob, and his wife, Margaret. We introduced ourselves around; many there were using obviously fake names, like Bilbo Baggins and Maid Marion. But everyone was nice and we had a good time talking. Pete seemed to know them all.

About 9:00 it was time to get things rolling. We all piled back into our vehicles and followed Bob and Margaret to a nearby property with this huge barn. There were hay bales and a tractor and other farm things around. Pete joked that Bob had been “getting the livestock ready for this all afternoon” and I nearly had a panic attack remembering Gene and the sheep. Asshole. Pete, I mean. Gene too. Anyway, inside the barn was a large open area with rows of tables and chairs to the left and some tables with fewer chairs on the right. About 40 couples were there, some seated and others milling around to visit. Once my eyes focused better I saw the main attraction: Several large contraptions in the middle floor that looked like things from a medieval dungeon, along with benches and tables and A-frames, all with straps on the ends and sides. I saw some things like this on a Website one time at Statesota U but it was just for some models in underwear. This was different.

Pete sat us with Bob and Margaret. She was particularly interested in Paige for some reason, and at one point leaned in and kissed her. Paige was frozen and didn’t know what to do but recovered quickly and smiled sweetly. “Want to walk around?” Margaret towered over us in the dim light as she stood up. She had removed her outer clothing to reveal a leather bustier and leather thong and enormous heels. We made our way around the room, stopping to greet everyone.

Before long, several people had assembled in the middle of the space and were engaging in various activities. You have to read the underground mag to find out what – the details are in there. I was asked several times to participate. Mostly I was flattered and just said no, but I admit there was one activity I couldn’t stop thinking about. There was a couple using this odd, padded table and she was bent over it, legs apart, with her hands and ankles secured by buckle-type leather straps attached to the sides. This girl was completely vulnerable to whatever her partner had in mind. I couldn’t imagine what might happen.

Paige allowed herself to be tied up in an “exhibition.” She was completely naked, with ropes all over her. She is so beautiful. And brave. The whole process took a couple of hours but she seemed to enjoy every minute. I stayed close by so she could still see me and feel safe. I tried to not appear over-interested in the table couple. But then table guy did something that made me feel oddly ticklish inside. He had some sort of medical device that looked like the pump-up part of a blood pressure cuff on one end and a balloon on the other. The balloon end went in her rear and he proceeded to pump it up, slowly, until her cornhole was stretched as big as a beer can! I learned before we got there that everyone has a “safe word” which is supposed to stop any unwanted or uncomfortable action immediately but this girl never said anything at all. She loved it.

Pete seemed right at home, floating around the room and interacting but not participating in any of the activities, something that somehow surprised me. I thought he would be running around nude, trying every whip and chain in the place.  When it was time to go home, Margaret escorted us to Pete’s truck. “I noticed you watching the anal couple,” she said, stroking Paige’s and my breasts simultaneously. “I’d love to introduce you to it.” I just stared at her, trying to imagine that huge balloon in my tiny butt, then Paige moved in and kissed Margaret like a man kisses his wife. “Thank you,” Paige said softly. We climbed in the truck and left.

No one said a word until we were nearly back in Austin. Paige said she wanted a taco and Pete cracked up laughing. (Apparently “taco” means a girl’s vulva to him.) Taco Bell is always open here and luckily there was no other customers to hear the next two hours of frenetic sex talk. Pete couldn’t keep up, his head bobbing back and forth like that of a tennis aficionado. Paige kept saying she had a pent-up orgasm the size of Houston that she needed to release, and I tried to recap virtually everything I saw there – except the table couple. Pete picked up on this and said, “You girls know I never lost sight of either of you all night. You could have gotten your pooper stretched if you really wanted, Zen.” “I know, Pete. You’re a gem.” I wanted him to know that I could have never even gone there without someone to protect me. Paige agreed.

So, everything worked out great! As a rickety Part II to my story about How I Met Pete, this post marks a happy realization for me. Now I know that Pete will look out for me as I learn about new things. We talked about that night a few days later. He said he wished I had gotten naked and joined the fun. He pointed out that he wouldn’t have let me get raped or anything, and that there was really only one “scene” that even could have been construed as overtly sexual in nature, the table couple that I had been so unable to ignore. And he was right – it was the only activity I saw that featured penetration of any sort.

And I can’t stop thinking about it.


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