Sex Under a Microscope: Recording Your Encounters

Weird angles, muffled sound, poor lighting, grubby surroundings, lost erections. More and more people are posting their home sex videos on the Internet. If you’ve viewed any amount of porn lately you have probably seen at least one movie in this category. So is it good idea to film yourself having sex?

Any new technology is invariably adapted to serve some prurient purpose if it can be made to serve in that way. Early vibrators were steam powered and were readily adapted to run on electricity, speeding their distribution to homes across the world. No one really knows when the first of the newfangled movie cameras of the late 1880s was used to capture a sex scene but you can bet it happened quickly, possibly documenting the steam-powered vibrator. The porn industry decided the merits of Beta and VHS in the 1980s. Now millions of homes have low-cost, mega-pixel HD video cameras and each is a potential a porn studio.

There’s an old saying: Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it. That advice applies here in spades. No doubt you’ve heard or read of any number of scandals that erupted when some celebrity’s phone or cloud account was hacked and their intimate photos and videos leaked online. Within hours, millions around the world had seen their favorite stars fellating, masturbating, and fornicating. These images and videos probably all started out innocently, seeming like a good idea at the time. The reality is that these victimized celebs are no different than the rest of us.

Home sex videos have been produced and swapped among individuals for decades. Unlike commercial porn stars, these are average people with average bodies performing generally average sex acts, with one difference: They usually intend to release their work into the public domain. These folks sometimes spend hours setting up, planning the scene, and creating the peformance. They watch themselves over and over as they edit their video. Chances they’ve watched at least some of their recordings again later, and some may share with friends or upload their work to an online portal such as PornHub. To them and hopefully to at least some of their audience, their work is of the highest erotic quality and content. They feel that it captures the essence of what they do, something really unique and special. They want to be seen and don’t measure themselves by what others think.

But what about the rest of us with a video camera, some free time, and a stiffy?

Having dabbled in private erotic filming, it can be damn difficult to do. It helps having feedback from your partner to know what they want to see and how to make it look better on camera. But sometimes things turn rocky and the train comes off the tracks. Be prepared for and sensitive toward these types of things and others, home porn directors.

“Is that what I really look like?” People may unexpectedly learn things about themselves from video, like that huge freckle inside their butt cheek they had never seen before or the true shape or coloration of their genitals.  Or their relative size. Or that flabby spot that just won’t go away. Or just how embarassed they would be if anyone else saw it.

“Do I do it like/as good/better than the girl/guy in the porn video?” A loaded question if there ever was one. Careful what you say here. Explain that it doesn’t matter what the porn star does or how they do it, that’s all acting and what you do together is uniquely yours and gratifying. No one is in competition with the porn stars, or at least shouldn’t be.

“Am I a good fuck?”Another loaded question. If this one is only just now coming up there’s probably other ground in your relationship that hasn’t been covered. “Except for the queefing,” is probably not a good answer.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” or “Take it hard, bitch!” Sometimes the camera influences folks to perform in ways they might not ordinarily. Outbursts like these may not have been present in the bedrooom before. Always watch your videos together a few days later, talk freely, make comments, ask questions, and most importantly, praise your lover. Unusual outbursts may point to a hidden desire or fantasy that might be the Next Great Thing or may reveal something darker.

“You won’t show this to anyone, will you?” Seriously? Why record things in the first place? Sure, sometimes it’s for private viewing only but the intent behind the technology was always sharing. Set solid rules for how your videos will stored, acessed, where, and by whom. Don’t be “that asshole” and share without your partner’s agreement. And never leave anything on your phone and never put such things in the cloud – these sources are where most home sex video horror stories originate these days.

“That’s really hot!” This is probably the most compelling outcome from home porn – seeing yourself fucking and how it looks during your favorite parts. You can now use this visualization with you partner in future encounters. And, with a little imagination, refine your on-camera performance to reap even more off-camera benefits, like experimenting with new activities.

“I don’t like it when you do that.” This is the opposite of “that’s really hot” and should always be heard and respected. If it’s a new complaint, consider that you may have been perfroming for the camera. Concentrate on your lover, not the product.

“If we split up, what will happen to our videos/photos?” This is related to “will you show anyone” and should be agreed upon in advance. Retention of such materials has the potential for causing new problems, even when assumed to be “safely” locked away.

“Have you ever done this before?” Like so many other questions, honesty is usually the best policy. You never know when an old video could come back to haunt you so be forthright.

Think about your actions and what could happen, weigh that against how cool it would be to have your own personal porn stash, and if it still seems like a good idea then go for it.

And if you make a really hot video, send me a copy! I won’t let anyone see it, promise!


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