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Every once in a while one encounters a person who is truly introspective of themselves and others. This week, it’s a young lady named Britta Love. Writing for Alternet in How Sex and Dugs Saved My Life (and Could Save the World), she had this to say about how healing can occur through indulgence in the title elements:

In order to achieve these altered states, the final requirement is surrender: a surrender of the ego, whether through orgasm (la petite mort) or an ego-death experience on psychedelics. Surrender is often a dirty word in our control freak and victory-obsessed culture. Perhaps this surrender, this loss of control, is what’s really so subversive about sex and drugs.

Herein we have the functional roots of our dysfunctional Western society and many others. The seeds were planted eons ago when tribal democracy gave way to lords, chiefs, and kings. Each progression brought greater need for control of the population, ostensibly for their own good. Many of these control structures have elements of truth and goodness in them while enshrining covert mechanisms to ensure domestic harmony and self-policing.

How was this achieved? By imposing suppressive terms on behavior that defy any chance of personal or spritual fulfillment. We’re not talking about laws against sexual assault or pedophilia, necessary and important functions of government. It’s the non-criminal things we are programmed to regard as “sins” consciously committed against a diety, others, and/or ourselves, sex being the most important among them. And then there’s abominable practices like circumcision specifically designed to rob us of our sexual potential before we ever get started.

Carl Jung held that unfilled passions block us from achieving our full potential, a truth that Ms. Love has discovered in her exploration. Rejecting the supposed reasons why we can’t get what we want and be successful too is the pathway toward everyone’s individual maximum. Reject what? Any and all thinking that says it’s wrong for you to succeed, to have a voice, to enjoy yourself, to enjoy your body and sex, that’s what. Anything that you really need for inner balance and completion should be at the top of your list, not held at the bottom because of some long-dead cult leader’s judgment of your actions today. That’s self-policing in action.

Embrace yourself for who you are and live that way! Don’t like minorities? Fine, don’t go around them – but never be a racist. Don’t like kids? OK, don’t have kids – make that a must-not-do in your life choices and act accordingly. Smoke weed? Then live somewhere that doesn’t see it as tantamount to treason – just don’t let it become a problem in your life for having pursued it. Love anal sex? Great, get all you can – safely and ethically.

Ah, ethics, where most folk’s ability to think their way out of this box breaks down. In every version of dogma each of the prior lifestyle choices are “wrong” and even thinking (or not thinking) about these things is sufficient to earn one eternal damnation or worse, yet we can easily observe how each happens in different ways on a daily basis and the consequences or lack thereof. And since we’re all trying to practice our own unique version of compliance with so many imposed psychological constraints, how can we possibly navigate to our spiritual destination?

Britta Love observes that an altered state of consciousness can manifest during intense sexual activity. For those who haven’t had this profound life event, it feels exactly like the ego-dissociation that can occur under ideal circumstances when using certain recreational drugs, notably nitrous oxide and LSD. You disconnect from yourself and float free, entering other realms that are always just under the surface but seldom accessible. You intuitively know that it’s the place you always struggle to reach, Nirvana, Eden, our perfect world, and all the answers we seek are in there.

Ms. Love relates that 1 in 8 people might experience an instance of that altered state of consciousness during sex. That means that 1 in 8 might experience it ONCE. Probably only in 100 can reliably reach such an altered state if paired with a suitable partner. And probably less than 1 in 100,000 have the conscious, innate ability to actually induce this effect in most any lover they are paired with. You may have encountered one of these precious few women or men. The venerable television series Star Trek featured the near-human Deltan race, super-sexual beings that could be compared to these 1 in 100,000.

By no means does this writer advocate the abuse of any type of drug to find themselves, though there is growing scientific evidence that judicious use of select chemicals can have unparalleled healing qualities, if not from the checmical itself then as a result of the psychological state it allows the user to produce. Sex can produce these same states without the detrimental side-effects, and it’s (usually) free.

Sex is available to us all, albeit in varying quantities. Finding quality sex with that “right” partner may happen your first time out or it may be a lifelong quest. In either case, pursuit of one’s true self through life-changing, consciousness-altering sexual encounters is our built-in toolbox that requires nothing more than being human to access.

Explore each other deeply and explore yourself completely, mind, body, and spirit. Employ a sex professional when appropriate to help reduce barriers to your fulfillment. When that little voice starts giving you reasons not to do whatever it is, learn to ignore it unless it’s making real sense. You know what you need most and only you can make it happen.

Britta Love has found the secret.

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