Kriss-Kross Kissing

It’s Zen! I’m back and better than ever!

I didn’t know how hot it would get in Austin but the locals tell me I haven’t seen real heat yet. I beg to differ. I recently saw something so hot it fried my eggs. (Like that one? Thanks, Jenny!)

Last time I told you about Pete taking me to meet his friend Fred and how he helped me put the Toy Party in perspective. I haven’t seen Jane again, darn it, but I wish she would find me. I bet she could have helped me with this post. Instead I had to figure it out for myself though maybe it was better that way. You be the judge.

I needed a new topic for Sandra’s underground sex mag and couldn’t think of anything to write about. The skinny article I managed to produce was about the benefits of sex lube, the one thing I felt that I did know something about after the encounter with Jane. I learned that some women never need sex lube, and that gay men always need sex lube. And there’s many types and nearly all of them are bad for you, with only a couple of brands that don’t destroy natural pH levels. And – yuck – some of them are flavored. Whatever.

Then it was time for another article and I had nothing. I’m a little afraid to go to 6th Street alone and Pete must get tired of me bugging him so I picked up a copy of the Austin Chronicle, another local underground mag that’s not so underground. There was all kinds of stuff to do and I found an ad for a burlesque show – cool! I had seen burlesque and loved it and thought this would be a great way to clear my mind. The club hosting the event was downtown and though it wasn’t on 6th it was near the police station and that made me feel better.

I got a drink and found a small table in the back, away from the stage. The place begin to fill up with a variety of different looks. Everyone was very friendly and smiled at me. One girl had green hair and tattoos, another must have been over 7 feet tall in her heels and dress, several guys carrying duffel bags passed through. Soon the lights dimmed and the little stage lit up. The 7-foot Amazon woman went onstage and thanked everyone for coming out. Her voice was strange, sort of deep and raspy, but I soon forgot about it as the first performer took the spotlight.

Wearing a blue cocktail dress and boa with a hat right out of the movies, she started to slink around and move with the music that was playing. She never took off a stitch of clothing but the crowd went wild anyway. Same for the next girl, except her dress was green and covered with sequins. The third performer was in a man’s suit even though she had on lipstick and make-up, like an ad in a fashion magazine. This time the clothes came off, tear-aways that came apart with a simple tug that made them easy to remove. But when the boxers hit the floor I couldn’t believe what I saw – she had a huge bulge in her g-string! This gal had the man-costume-thing nailed down, all the way. The crowd roared and I couldn’t stop laughing.

This continued for another hour with performer after performer occupying the tiny stage. Each was more popular than the last. A few didn’t seem very comfortable in their outfits (truthfully, some of them didn’t fit too well) but it was huge that they overcame their insecurities to exhibit themselves that way. The 7-foot woman returned to close the show; dance club music started and the crowd began to regroup.

I had just gotten another drink and was holding the empty glass in my other hand. A throng has assembled around one of the performers at the bar, blocking my path. As I stood there with a glass in each hand and arms out to avoid getting splashed, I felt a pair of hands circle around my sides and cup my breasts. My first thought was of Ronnie’s girlfriend’s brother back home, you remember, the one who grabbed my ass that time. Remembering the drinks, I turned around slowly as not to slosh the contents. Dressed in a black bustier and black leather hot pants and tall lace-up boots, it was my neighbor Cindy!

“Hello, Zen, darlin’. I never expected to find you here!” she said in her gravelly voice. I couldn’t believe my eyes – Cindy was stunningly hot, a word I would have never used to describe her before.  “Come over here and sit with us.” We made our way to a table with two other girls and two of the burlesque performers. “This is Sandy, Pat, Bill, and Richard. Everyone, this is Zen.” Bill and Richard immediately stood up and I realized they were men! I had thought the masculine names were a joke but there they were, bigger than Des Moines, men wearing womens clothes.

Conversation was brisk and lively. Cindy kept a hand somewhere on my body the entire time but it didn’t make me nervous. Several people stopped to say hello and some of those were also men wearing women’s items from the show. It was impressive how well they had been able to fool me into thinking they were female with their costumes, make-up, movements, and character. Bill told me that they gather for the show regularly and that Cindy was one of their biggest fans. It finally sank in that Bill and Richard are gay when they began openly kissing right in front of me! I had never seen two men do that before, but I saw it several more times that night. And I saw lots of women kissing each other and dancing provacatively with each other. A few even left together that had come alone.

It was a friggin’ gay bar! I was in a gay bar! A flood of realizations came to me, chief of which was that Cindy really is a girl and she is gay. I think. Oh no, did I make out with Cindy that time? I had never been sure about her before. Pete just laughed when I asked him, asshole. Then Jane and I had sex and if it happened with Cindy too that means for certain that I’m a lesbian. I think. And here I am in a gay bar, sitting with Cindy who has been feeling me up in front of her friends all evening. OMG.

Time passed quickly and soon it was time to go home. Cindy asked if she could catch a ride and I agreed. The trip home was filled with talk of the show and the performers and how much fun the night had been. Cindy’s voice was beginning to not bother me any more. She really is quite sweet and I felt closer to her than I ever had. The feeling grew stronger when we stopped at her door and she put her arm around my head to kiss me deeply. “I love how you taste, Zen.” She said that before. I almost asked her what happened that night but thought better of it.

All I know is that I really like kissing. Watching it and doing it. That night was the hottest scene I’ve ever witnessed. Not a single sex act in sight, just everyone kissing each other – girls with girls, boys with boys, girls with boys, and a few I couldn’t tell.

Sandra loved the article. I can’t wait to go back.


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