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Ghostly Narcissism

I still don’t believe it. I’ve been ghosted. Me. Ghosting, for those unfamiliar with the term, is what happens when one member of a relationship decides to simply cease all contact without the courtesy of a “fuck you” or other indication that they don’t want to see the other one anymore. Not exactly a break-up, […]

The Root of My Polyamory

Humans are in a constant state of flux and development. Attempting analytical deconstruction of one’s psyche is like trying to hit a moving target. Feelings and perceptions are always changing. Decoding my own psyche to reach new realizations sometimes yields unexpected insights. Polyamory is a subject I’ve taken up with a heightened level of interest […]

Austin, Sexas, Part I

Zen here. No, that’s not a typo up there. I’ve decided Austin must be the horniest place in Texas. When I came here a couple of years ago I really thought Texas would be a lot like Moralton. I had heard about how it’s a big part of the Bible Belt and how it supposed […]

Rumpus Room

© By Fred Reynolds, 12-19-2014 Of all the formative influences in my youth, one the most memorable was the discovery of the “Rumpus Room” – that special studio in a house where the art of sex is perfected. The first one I encountered belonged to a neighborhood couple. (Sorry, Kip, for breaking my promise not […]