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Ghostly Narcissism

I still don’t believe it. I’ve been ghosted. Me. Ghosting, for those unfamiliar with the term, is what happens when one member of a relationship decides to simply cease all contact without the courtesy of a “fuck you” or other indication that they don’t want to see the other one anymore. Not exactly a break-up, […]

Your Brain on Sex

What do you think about during sex? Chances are, nothing and everything. It’s all the things we think about before and after agreeing to sex that can be so debilitating. Learn to let go. Just sharing a fuck doesn’t signify a relationship. Anyone I would fuck once I would fuck twice. Otherwise I’d be over-thinking […]


Many people these days self-identify as “poly” – shorthand for their personal views on sexual exclusivity in relationships, i.e. they do not choose to practice monogamy, ostensibly without moral or ethical dilemma. While this may seem like flimsy justification of one’s desire to be promiscuous without consequences (and sometimes is), there are those for which […]

Your New SSN – Sexual Security Number

You probably have a Social Security Number, the lifelong taxpayer identifier. But you have another SSN, one that is not assigned by any organization and is only learned after some years of life experience: Your very own individual Sexual Security Number. This is a group of numbers that may represent some of your views on and attitudes toward sex, and could be remarkably accurate at identifying you.

Somnophilia – A Stealthy Secret

Originally posted at as Somnophilia Awakens as a Stealthy Secret © By Peter Goerth, 12-10-2014   Somnophilia, or the enjoyment of molesting someone who is sleeping or otherwise unconscious or grossly impaired, is a little-discussed behavior that has recently gained attention in the wake of the on-going Bill Cosby date-rape scandal. Not to be […]