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Special Needs Kids and Sex

One would think that the world of sex therapy is pretty mundane since there’s nothing new under the sun. Same old hang-ups, same old bang-ups. One would be wrong. The world is constantly changing. Should you introduce your special needs child to sex at some point in their life, if ever? This question came to […]

Virginity Lost and Found

Author Peggy Orenstein was a guest on NPR’s Fresh Air recently, discussing her new book Girls & Sex. The last paragraph in the synopsis on NPR’s Website really rang a bell for me. The topic was virginity. After running through a list of possibilities, one young woman had concluded that females lose their virginity when […]

Rumpus Room

© By Fred Reynolds, 12-19-2014 Of all the formative influences in my youth, one the most memorable was the discovery of the “Rumpus Room” – that special studio in a house where the art of sex is perfected. The first one I encountered belonged to a neighborhood couple. (Sorry, Kip, for breaking my promise not […]