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Hi, it's Zen again!

Austin, Sexas, Part I

Zen here. No, that’s not a typo up there. I’ve decided Austin must be the horniest place in Texas. When I came here a couple of years ago I really thought Texas would be a lot like Moralton. I had heard about how it’s a big part of the Bible Belt and how it supposed […]

Kriss-Kross Kissing

It’s Zen! I’m back and better than ever! I didn’t know how hot it would get in Austin but the locals tell me I haven’t seen real heat yet. I beg to differ. I recently saw something so hot it fried my eggs. (Like that one? Thanks, Jenny!) Last time I told you about Pete […]

Toy Party Revisited

Hi everyone, it’s Zen! Well, it’s been three months and no one has walked up and asked about the toy party or the blog or anything. Luckily, Father doesn’t use the Internet. I’ve still got my job. And I haven’t turned into a human lightning rod. So I called Pete a few weeks after my […]

Toy Party Redux

Hey y’all, it’s Zen. Well, I really stepped in it now. Father is going to kill me and so is God. I’m done. Toast. History. And I didn’t even make it to 25! I keep thinking about the toy party last weekend at Zora’s house. My mind has been there ever since, floating like a […]

Toy Party

Hey, it’s Zen. Some of the women were talking the other day in the teacher’s lounge at school. One was telling about this party she went to with her sister. I came in late and couldn’t hear much of what she said but the others seemed really interested. I finally got to ask Louisa, a […]

S&M Party !!!!

Hey, it’s Zen! I’m finally getting around to posting about the S&M party. I turned the story in to Sandra at the underground mag and she loved it. But I’m not going to post it here; instead, I’ll tell you how it went. So Pete showed up at my place about 6:00 that evening; he […]

How I Met Pete

I got my first assignment for my new gig as a cub reporter for the underground magazine! Pete bought me drinks the other night and introduced me to Paige. She’s curious about S&M and apparently wants to be tied up with rope. Anyway, they invited me to come with them to a special adult party […]

I’m Gonna Be A Writer!

Hey, it’s Zen. Can you believe it’s already February? It was so busy over the holidays! I flew home to Moralton to see Father, Mom, and Ronnie. It snowed something fierce and we all got trapped in the house for three days with nothing to do but talk about the Bible and play the worn-out […]

Butterfly Mandala

Hey, it’s Zen. I’m still figuring out how this blog stuff works and didn’t realize I hadn’t posted all the stuff Ive been writing. Sorry for these being out of sequence.   You may have noticed the beautiful butterfly mandala at the top of Pete’s blog, The Shaggist. I fell in love with this piece […]

Getting Waylaid in Austin

Hi, I’m Zen. I moved to Austin 3 years ago from Moralton, Statesota (same place Moral Orel is from). My father was the town preacher and my mom was the perfect preacher’s wife. Along with my little brother, we were the stereotypical midwestern Protestant church family in every way, right down to our many unacknowledged […]