Austin, Sexas, Part I

Zen here.

No, that’s not a typo up there. I’ve decided Austin must be the horniest place in Texas. When I came here a couple of years ago I really thought Texas would be a lot like Moralton. I had heard about how it’s a big part of the Bible Belt and how it supposed to be so redneck and conservative and all. Well, I must have missed that part on the way through.

So much has happened lately, where to begin. After the burlesque show and finding Cindy at that bar, she’s been extra-friendly when I see her around the apartments. A few nights ago I came in a little late and Cindy popped her head out of the door to ask if I would like to have a drink, and that sounded good after meeting with my little ones’ parents that evening. Cindy handed me a glass of chardonnay and sat close to me on the futon.

“You’re so pretty, Zen. How is it that you don’t have anyone?” Cindy always leans in real close and stares right in my eyes when she talks. I didn’t know how to answer her question though it made me think. I remembered Dan and a couple of other guys I wished had shown interest in me but didn’t. There was Jane but I haven’t heard from her and Pete doesn’t count. “I don’t know, Cindy, I guess no one has tickled me that way yet.” This brought a giggle from my host. The conversation turned to her work as a pet groomer then to my teaching then back to relationships.

Cindy said she hadn’t had a steady lover in a few years and was tired of always looking but never finding anyone. She said her last serious girlfriend had decided she was straight and moved to Alaska to meet men, to which I said she was probably better off without her. Cindy poured more wine. Saying it was hot in the room, she took off her outfit and suggested I do the same. Whether it was that warm or maybe the wine was causing me to flush, it seemed like a good idea. We sat in our underwear, drinking and talking and laughing.

“You remember that night you fell asleep over here?” How could I forget? “I kept running my fingers through your hair and talking to you, and at some point you were starting to drift off. That’s when I decided to make you comfortable and just let you stay.” OK, that all sounds right. “After I got you settled in I just had to kiss you. I know I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself.” Is that all? She just kissed me? Hell, I’ve done worse than that!

“Did I like it?” was the first thing I thought to say only to hear this coming out of my mouth: “I want to see you naked.” Cindy looked surprised for a moment then siad, “I guess that’s only fair since I’ve seen you.” She removed what was left, took me by the hand and turned me around to take off my remaining garments. We stood staring at each others bodies for a few minutes, each doing a slow spin when prompted. I had never studied another girl this way.

Cindy’s B-cups are beautiful. I never noticed she even had boobs before because of the sports bras she wears. Her belly is flat and smooth, legs perfectly round and unblemished, back and butt detailed yet without lines. She has something else that I wasn’t expecting and that’s a bald cooch. I’ve never seen a completely hairless one before (like I’ve seen a lot) and it was fascinating. Returning to the futon, I asked for more wine and took a sip as she held the glass to my lips. She turned to set our glasses out of the way and leaned over and at that moment I could see everything. My heart fluttered a little. I wondered what I look like from that angle.

“Can I touch?” I asked as she turned back around. I couldn’t believe I said that but her body is so nice and I just had to know what she felt like. Cindy took a step closer and parted her arms and legs slightly. “This will be a first, getting felt up this way.” I let my hands run all over her, fingertips dragging slightly, pausing in spots that felt interesting. Her neck, bottom, and that place right under the arm (side boob?) caused me to linger longest.

“Lie down.” Cindy complied silently,  resting one leg on my lap and slinging the other across the back of the couch. I’ve seen pictures of girl parts before but never anything like this, right in front me, wide open, available to explore. And completely hairless. Hers is smaller than mine (I think, I’ve never seen mine from that angle) and symmetric and very pink in the middle. It was glistening from top to bottom with a slight trail beginning to trace along the taint. Love that word, taint. Thanks, Pete!

Her eyes were closed and neck bowed back in a way that she could not have seen what I was doing. After rubbing her legs and belly for a bit I decided to check out the glistening, running a knuckle from top to bottom so as to not penetrate her without invitation. It was so slick that I couldn’t even feel her skin at all, just the slipperiness. Cindy moaned and moved slightly, then squirmed and shreiked as my finger slid slowly along her asshole. This part felt different, slippery too but with much more resistance to pressure.

“Don’t tease me, Zen.” It hadn’t occurred to me until that moment that she had probably had plenty of opportunities to explore another girl this way and it didn’t have the same novelty for her as it did for me. And then I realized that Cindy thought we were going to have sex. I didn’t even see that one coming. What do I do. I don’t know what to do!

So I figured I would just continue to touch her and pay attention to what areas and motions brought the best reaction and concentrate on those. That seemed logical since that’s what I do alone. It wasn’t long before she was starting to orgasm. It seemed natural to slide my middle finger in her cooch and wiggle it around while rubbing her clitoris with my thumb. Cindy flopped around and howled like a bassett hound, ending up with her lower half completely in my lap. I took my finger out and rubbed around the outside some more while Cindy caught her breath, then stuck it back in. As she began to climax again I aimed my pinky into her bum, pushing inward a little deeper each time I’d feel it relax.

Her head thrown back and mouth open wide, no sound was coming out. Cindy’s entire body began to jerk in spasms like someone having a seizure. Her little pink butthole was so strong that I wondered if the circulation in my little finger was restricted. It was all such a big reaction that I figured she was just exaggereating or even faking it to make me feel not quite so unskilled, so to appear confident I kept up the same action until she finally stopped moving and let her breath out in a big rush. Cindy drew deep, raspy lungfuls, smoothing into a more regular rhythm as I stroked her belly and thighs. I thought she was asleep so I tried to stand without disturbing her. As I put a quilt over her slightly perspiring body she looked like angel at rest with a sweet smile, lips slightly parted, hair flowing along her shoulders.

I kissed her lightly as I knelt down, lingering until my lips had begun to dry and stick to hers. I remembered how Pete had tucked me in that time, and how I had learned tonight that Cindy had done exactly the same for me once. Except for the sex.


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