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Contributing Authors


Fred Reynolds

Fred Reynolds is a sexuality researcher and surrogate sex partner based near Austin, Texas. His work focuses on restoring psycho-sexual balance to the lives of survivors of rape, incest, and those with acquired disabilities such as returning veterans. Fred was co-founder of the Institute for Certified Body Practitioners (now known as the Institute for Mind Body Therapy) for which he developed the only sex surrogate training program that specifically addresses the use of male practitioners with female patients.


Lizbeth Jones

Lizbeth is a psychologist, sexpert, and burlesque performer from Austin, Texas. Her unique perspectives on being female in America today strike a harmonius chord when realizing that she is you.


Peter Goerth

“Learning that I am polyamorous relieved the stress over why I tend to love so freely and taught me that I am not a bad person for it. Writing about this and other sexuality interests allows me to share some of my experiences as well as talk about what’s hot. I have been fortunate to have had way more sex than allowed by law but still want to explore everything that’s out there.”


Townsend Appleby

Zen hails from the midwest, a preacher’s daughter in every way until she discovered the Big O at 23. From sexual health to kinks to lamenting about not getting enough, her submissions amuse and entertain while hitting closer to home than many of us are comfortable admitting.